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The Basics of Marvelous Designer

Today I will be showcasing all of the features in Marvelous Designer you need to know as a CC creator!

• Polygon Tool

Whenever you're making a pattern in MD, this is the tool to start off with. You can use this tool to make your pattern by clicking in the 2D-Pattern window.

• Rectangle Tool

Very similar to the Polygon tool, except this tool only creates rectangles. Click and drag in the 2D window to create your desired rectangle; or simple left-click in the 2D-Pattern window and a pop-up will appear. You can use this pop-up to input your desired sizes for the rectangle.

• Edit Pattern

Once you have your pattern started, you can use this to edit it. Move points/lines, delete points and more with this tool!

• Edit Curve Point

You can use this to add/edit curve points. Curve points add curves to straight lines on the pattern, and you can add multiple curve points to one line. I mainly use curve points on collars and sleeve holes!

• Add Point/Split Line

Use this to add points to your patterns. In my opinion, best way to use this tool is to right-click on a line, and either split into two lines, split by length, or uniform split. I usually use uniform split when i want to split a line in half!

• Transform Pattern

Mainly use this if i want to move the pattern in the 2D-Pattern Window. I also sometimes use it to extend the pattern.

• Internal Polygon/Rectangle

This tool is similar to the regular Polygon & Rectangle tool, except this one makes internal lines/patterns; meaning that it creates lines inside of your pattern. This tool is mainly used if you want to sew something on top of your pattern like pockets. (see example below)

• Edit Sewing & Segment Sewing

Very essential tool. Use this (Segment Sewing) to sew your pattern pieces together. Knowing which segments to sew together is important, and if you want to know more about that, I suggest you watch my YouTube tutorial! The Edit Sewing tool is used to edit sew lines. Like for example, if you accidentally sewed two pattern pieces together the wrong way, you can right click on the sew lines and reverse the sewing, or edit it the way you need to!

• Buttons

You can use these four tools to create/edit buttons on your pattern. Create the buttonholes first, then the buttons, and if you want to, you can fasten the buttons.

• Zipper

Create zippers for you pattern. :)

Want to know more? Watch my CC tutorials!

(more coming soon)


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