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  • What Reshade do you use?
    ♡ We have recently switched over to GShade, and I will make a blog post/video explaining everything about GShade soon!
  • How do I download your Sims & CC Folders?
    ♡ To download our sims, click the Patreon link and click on the attached file on the post; your download should start automatically. Remember, when you download sims, you are downloading TRAY FILES, not mods. Tray files belong in your tray folder. ♡ To download our CC Folders, just click the dropbox link in the description of our YouTube videos!
  • Why aren't your sims working in my game?
    ♡ The sims aren't working because you didn't put them in the right place! The sim files (aka Tray Files) belong in the Tray folder, not the Mods folder. When you put the sim files in the tray folder, it should only be the files; there should be no extra folders inside of the tray folder, only files! (See attached screenshot for better understanding.)
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