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All Mods I Have in My Game (Sims 4)

Hello beauties! Today I will be showing you guys ALL of the mods I currently have in my game. I explained them & showed them here in this video, so go watch that before downloading!

This one is a dating app mod. You can access it through your Sims's phone and choose to go on a blind date or even a one night stand!

This mod is for children. Children can interact with their crush or "first love". Some interactions include call/text crush, exchange numbers, hug, visit crush + more!

With this mod your sims can skate anywhere. With the Seasons DLC we got skating rinks, but sims could not skate anywhere outside of the rinks. But thanks to this mod, your sims can skate on sidewalks, in parks & more! (Seasons required)

This mod adds social activities for your sims to visit, such as Honeymoons, Hiking Trips, Church, Music Concerts + more! Plus, you can visit family, acquaintances and crushes!

This mod is definitely one of my favorites and you can watch me play with it in my Prince Legacy LP. With this mod you can run a business through your home, so you don't have to buy a separate building for your business. You can have any type of business, but some examples are bakery's, cafe's, daycares + more! MUST-HAVE

Forgot to mention this one in the video lol, but this mod lets you hire services and they can live with you. Services include Nanny, Maid & Gardener.

This mod let's you go to school with your teenagers & children. (Their website explains it better than I can lol)

This mod gives teens 4 new aspirations, 2 new careers, 1 new trait lot and 8 new traits!

This mod adds more insults and arguing interactions in the game, such as Insult Family Member, Complain about Smell, Argue about Meal + more!

This mod makes your sims stand COMPLETELY STILL in Create-a-Sim, so when you are modifying them, they won't move. MUST-HAVE

This mod gives you up to 5 columns in Create-a-Sim, so it's easier to scroll through your items. MUST-HAVE

Go to Sacrificial's website for more info :) MUST-HAVE

This mod adds drama to your game and various features such as

  • A new social popularity system

  • Plastic Surgery

  • Dirty Secrets

  • Contribute In Social Events

  • Social Help

+ more!

Get famous with this mod! Check out the release notes here for way more info.

You NEED this mod in your game! It helps with so many things and has so many key features such as:

  • Skip time forward

  • Money Cheats

  • Fulfill Sims needs with a click

  • Increase/Decrease sims relationships faster

+ more! It's just so convenient and a definite MUST-HAVE

I mainly use this mod for the attractiveness system, which I explained in my video. But, this mod has so many more features that you just HAVE to check out. One other feature that I like is the pregnancy percentage, which increases or increases your sims chance of getting pregnant after woohoo. MUST-HAVE

Another amazing, super convenient mod. Probably my favorite mod ever, A definite MUST-HAVE


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